Trust was the theme of today’s BSF lesson .. perfect timing for me.

We were in chapters 36-39 of Isaiah.

We started out pondering threats in our lives .. not unlike Hezekiah in these passages. The question was posed, “What is it in your daily life that . . . troubles you? Wakes you up at 3am? Causes anxiety? Consumes your thoughts?

God intends to deliver His people as they depend on Him. When we align ourselves with God’s word and His cause, we will find Him faithful to keep His word.

A few principles from today’s lesson . . .

1. Those who believe God’s word will stand against arguments and attacks.

-God’s words are for his people and they are true and powerful.

2. God acts with power through His peoples prayers.
-the challenges we face today will deepen our trust in God.

3. Trusting God turns the deepest crisis into the highest praise.
-whom are we trusting? words of others or God’s word?
-God’s zeal is for His name and His people, they will find Him faithful to keep His word.

4. Prosperity is a greater threat than adversity.

-Hezekiah was more secure as a sick man in his bed than as a leader on the battlefield.

Indeed he was!  I want to remember that my safety is in my total dependency on God for life and strength.


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