Emma’s Birthday


This past week we celebrated Emma’s 8th Birthday!

I wanted to share a few photos . . .

This was a ‘non-party’ year … finding that with three kids, we can handle friend parties every other year.  So, we invited our friend Jordan to join us for the day.

We enjoyed an afternoon of sledding as the weather was great and still had plenty of snow on the ground from our most recent blizzard.

I personally had a blast sledding with the girls .. and even got some real praise from a nearby dad .. as Emma and I raced down the ‘big hill’ hit a bump .. went airborn .. and landed safely ON our sled and cruised down the remainder of the hill, un-injured!  The impact of the bump was so great that I lost my hat (and some of my dignity), midway down the hill.  This kind dad retrieved my hat for me.  Upon returning my hat, he  praised my sledding ‘skills’ and gave me ‘mom of the year’ recommendations.  He also referenced a current ad campaign that uses the slogan “mom got air”!

“You definitely got air on that run!” were his parting words to me 🙂

Emma and Jordan getting ready for their first run!


Evangeline enjoyed being pulled around on the sled most of the time


these signs were posted all around the sledding hill .. funny thing is, none of the 100+ sledders and their parents seemed to notice them.  More points for the ‘mom of the year’ award!


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