day by day


Thursday is BSF day and I usually share my notes from the lecture .. I may still do that, but not tonight.  It’s been a long day (week) and I’d rather share a great excerpt from a great book Jon and I have been reading by Paul David Tripp, “What Did You Expect?”

If you’re familiar with the musical Godspell, you’ll recognize the song ‘Day by Day’.  Tripp opens chapter four describing the evening when he and his wife saw this musical and the impact  this song had on them.



Day by day

Day by day

Oh Dear Lord

Three things I pray

To see thee more clearly

Love thee more dearly

Follow thee more nearly

Day by day

“I don’t think it would be possible to have a more appropriate mission statement for a marriage.  I am deeply convinced from Scripture, my own experience, and the stories of others that you fix a marriage vertically before you ever fix it horizontally.  Before you can really gain significant ground in your relationship with your spouse, ground where real, lasting change takes place, you have to be willing to accept and deal with what God says about you, your spouse, your world, and God himself, his purpose, and his grace.  These things aren’t just the focus of super-spiritual people who want a marriage plus a whole lot of spirituality.  No, dealing with these things in a way that forms a day-by-day lifestyle is the foundation of a marriage that is what God designed it to be and does what God intended it to do.  You cannot avoid dealing with these things any more than you can avoid removing trees from the wooded lot where your new home is going to be located.

“What we so joyously sang that night was much more than a song, although most of the crowd didn’t know it.  It is rather a radical paradigm for a way of living that fills every day with honesty and hope.  The things that the lyrics call you to are not one-time decisions; they are meant to be daily commitments that become regular ways of living.  When the commitments and actions that follow are applied to a marriage, something very simple but quite revolutionary happens, and once it does, you’ll never want to go back again!”



Paul Tripp is the president of Paul Tripp Ministries, a nonprofit organization, whose mission statement is ‘Connecting the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life.


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