Idols was the theme of the BSF lecture this week (Isaiah 46-48) and those who heard the lecture left with no question or vague idea of what idols are or the consequences of  them in our lives . . .

I delight in sharing some of the notes here.


Isaiah 46 – 48

God’s patience, God’s power and God’s perserverence

As imperfect people, we feel entitled to make our own choices, we want total control .. and then when the bottom falls out, we are quick to blame anyone other than ourselves.

What we must remember and live like we believe is that GOD is in charge of everything all the time.

Isaiah 46  God’s patience.

When -hard things happen, where do we turn first?

-where do we go?  what do we seek?

-the answers to these questions reveal the idols in our lives.

God gives us something good and we turn it into an idol.

-we trade down, we take the gift instead of the giver

-the result:  separation from God, the giver of all good things.

-our worship is separated by the idol we put in the place of God.

-idols destroy.

-idols are good things that are corrupted by the way we feel about them, use them and perceive them.

-they promise to be everything, but we end up losing everything as a result of allowing them as idols in our life.

-we cannot perceive our own idols often times because we look through them to see our world

-they lead us away from the one true God.

God wants to be the object of our faith.

God will always humiliate the idols of human self-worship.


PRINCIPLE:  The object of our faith is critical


Isaiah is contrasting between the gods who have to be made and the God who made all things.

-we love God’s promises  but we don’t always like his methods.

-we refuse his instruction

-our #1 idol is ourselves!

Faith:  believing God and acting upon it.

Content of our Faith: WHAT we believe in .. we believe in the Gospel.

Faith is our commitment to God

Our response to God is a focus on Him and who He is.

We become like whomever we worship

-worshiping God, we will become like Him .. more patient, more loving …


Isaiah 4 7  God’s power

God will take down His enemies

God is powerful to destroy idols and save his people from them

Idols bring destruction

v. 1-7 God announces his power and judgement

-the people were acting as their own god and in charge

-idols destroy the right thinking

Today’s focus in our culture on SELF is idolatry.  It’s all about me!

Pride also destroys our judgement

-we think we can hide out

-when we lose sight of our own sinfulness we are capable of anything


PRINCIPLE:  the content of one’s faith is critical

-God is saying, “Believe in me!”

-we can choose what we believe in but we do not choose the consequences.

Idolatry:  wrong thinking about ourselves, our God, eternity and life.

God’s word leads to right thinking about God, ourselves, life and eternity.

Where are we playing with false idols?

Have we considered the consequences?

Isaiah 48  God’s perserverence

God is displaying his grace through the failures of his people.

God never gives up on his people.


PRINCIPLE:  true peace begins and ends with the one true sovereign God.

Who can comprehend the love of a God who knows you and loves you anyway?

He calls you out of bondage.


Be delivered.

Worship the One True God!


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  1. we cannot perceive our own idols often times because we look through them to see our world

    Wow that is a powerful statement! All the more reason to be accountable to those who can be honest with us. Sounds like an awesome study.

  2. Hi Laila, my small group just had a retreat this last weekend on the topic of Idols, and so it was helpful to read your summary and get some other views on the topic that we had not considered. I hope you don’t mind if I share this with them! Happy Belated Birthday, by the way!

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