say it isn’t so


those who know me well, know that I get sad when babies GET teeth and sad when ‘no longer babies’ LOSE teeth!

our baby just lost her first tooth … SAD!!

She was soooo excited .. mom, not so much .. I also don’t do blood.  Thankfully, Daddy did the ‘pulling out.”

The dilemma was that Evangeline is on spring break this week and so how will she show her teachers and school friends if the tooth fairy comes and takes her tooth?!?

Emma, being sympathetic to her dilemma, helps her out by writing a note to the tooth fairy . . .

The tooth fairy was generous to leave the tooth and a dollar in honor of the FIRST TOOTH LOST!


Mom .. is still sad ..


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  1. The note is priceless! 🙂 Good thing the tooth fairy is so understanding. She was kind enough to leave a dollar for Daniel once even though he had misplaced his lost tooth and only had his note of explanation to leave under his pillow! Hope you are having a good week and talk to you soon. love, sara

  2. Dear Laila!
    Life waits for no mom!!! I feel your sadness over the way nothing stops your children from growing up!” We are told to “enjoy” them when it sometimes seems like you have no more to give, much less enjoy!!!
    Before you know it, they will be all grown up and you will still be too busy to savor life…. funny how we never seem to learn…. I am glad you are taking time to read and reflect.
    I love Emma’s generous giving heart…. MomB

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