Isaiah 50-52


I was in the children’s program last week, so I didnt’ post BSF notes … though I will say that I really enjoyed volunteering with the 3-4 year olds.  I’m definitely out of my comfort zone in teaching younger children, but I loved being part of their morning routine.  I have always heard how amazing the BSF children’s program  is, and it was really great to see that first hand.  The teachers LOVE those kids so intentionally for those 2 hours.  And the intentionality of the schedule and programming is really amazing .. it even includes ‘quiet time’, where the kids (yes, 3 year olds) sit quietly on a towel for a few minutes and think about what they learned.  And they are studying Isaiah!  I really loved it!

Another side note .. our teaching leader said recently that someone commented to her after one of the lessons, “Wasn’t this the same lesson we had last week?”  Different passage .. similar message.  She used this to point out the layers in Isaiah and the continuing themes of God’s sovereignty and His redemption of His people.  I love the repetition … I need to hear those truths each week!

So, this week ..

Isaiah 50-52

A focus on Listening and Waking Up!

JESUS is the only one who can open our hearts and ears to God, are we willing to listen?

She focused on the idea of listening ..

Our own minds are our mental universe.

-we like to listen to ourselves

-we have tempting voices

-we love by doing and controlling

-we create an inner-personal environment.

However, our ears are on the OUTSIDE of our head

-we must listen outside of ourselves; it’s not all about us

*we must take into our heads what GOD says.

God gave us words in the Bible.

-He also gave us Jesus, as the LIVING word

God’s words:

-lasting, not deceptive


-they illuminate our lives

-the one who hears and listens will KNOW God through His living word.

Isaiah 50:4-9

PRINCIPLE:  Those who allow the servant to open their ears to God will know Him and be sustained and not condemned.

-God will make a way for His obedient people to go through suffering.

How does the suffering of Jesus help you understand God’s plan for you?

How do we look at the tragedies and hard places in this world?

-we go to God’s word and listen to what it says

Isaiah 42:16

[16] And I will lead the blind in a way that they do not know, in paths that they have not known I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground. These are the things I do, and I do not forsake them.

God makes a way through suffering and promises never to leave us.

-may we listen to His word.

-those who awake to God’s promises can be comforted, assured.

Isaiah 51

God did the impossible

God’s righteousness encourages our courage.

-only God’s righteousness will last forever.

v. 9-11  Israel speaking to God . . .

v. 12   God’s response

PRINCIPLE:  Those who are awakened and listen to the promises of God find comfort and hope.

Do we believe God’s promises?

Do we believe the person who make the promises?

Where is God calling you today to listen to Him? To be comforted by Him? To go through a hard place with Him?

v. 17

Get out of despair and wake up to forgiveness

God knew Israel suffered painful consequences for their idolatry.

-consequences will hopefully  move us to the remedy .. towards the right choice and away from sin.

Isaiah 52:  Awake and get up and enter into the promises

Your God reigns

Be holy because God is Holy

God is calling us to know Him and live as He says we are.

-we are His

-we can know His promises and claim them

*We can know the blessing and the power of God as He leads us through all circumstances.

May we know the person of God through His word!


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