popcorn shop


One of my favorite places to visit as a kid was the popcorn shop on Front Street, downtown Wheaton!  You can see the door here .. the store is only the width of the door.  They put a roof over the space between two store fronts and called it the popcorn shop!  We also affectionately called it the ‘penny candy store’ as kids because the wall is lined with jars of candy … most of which used to be a penny.  Today many of them are 5 and 10 cents … not bad for 40 some years!  The little white bags the girls are holding are what you use to collect your loot from the jars .. they count it up and give you your final tab!  4 bags of candy and a large popcorn only set us back about $5.


Today the girls and I had a lovely day in Wheaton visiting my parents … which included swimming at the club (yes, I swam too) lunch at Grammie & Papa’s, playing in the afternoon, popcorn shop and we somehow made Chick-fil-a be on our way home!




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