God’s joy


I’m still basking in the afterglow of TGC from last week.  How fitting that the theme of Christ in the Old Testament, and many messages on the Gospel would come only days before Holy Week and Easter.

In an effort to solidify some of the Truths I gleaned from last week, I will attempt to share some highlights and excerpts this week that I will hope will point us to the cross.

Mike Bullmore spoke from Zephaniah, showing the condition of mankind – sinful, God’s pronouncement of judgement on mankind, and then the word of HOPE from God.  The GOOD NEWS for sinful man under the judgement of God.  Despite God’s righteous judgement, there is, because of God’s mercy, HOPE for sinners like us.

Zephaniah paints a picture that tells us that God has provided salvation, not just as an escape from God’s judgement but as an entrance to into God’s very JOY!

Zephaniah takes us through three steps:

step 1:  There appears to be no HOPE

step 2:  There appears a glimmer of HOPE

step 3:  That glimmer of HOPE bursts into a great and glorious rejoicing into the salvation of God’s people.

What Zephaniah wants us to see is that God will rejoice over us with gladness, He will rejoice over us with singing.  He will have completed His purpose.  His rejoicing in His work will be great!

Bullmore concludes with this:
If you are IN Christ, God rejoices over you!  As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride.  One day, when He brings us in, God’s rejoicing will break forth and you will experience the most incredible thing you have ever experienced!

from Spurgeon:

“Believer, you are happy when God blesses you, but not as happy as God is.  You are glad when you are pardoned but He who pardons you is more glad.  The prodigal son come back to his home was very happy to see his father but not as happy as his father was to see him.  The fathers heart was more full of joy because His heart was larger than his sons.”

God’s heart is bigger than ours.

When God’s work of redemption is done . . . God himself will stand over us and rejoice over us!

We will be radiant over the goodness of the Lord and we will feast on his abundance and we will be satisfied in his love.

Our thoughts of the gospel  . . . our personal treasuring of the gospel must always include this:  the vision of God’s JOY over His people.  The end to which it’s all moving! Being with God and experiencing His joy.

THE great contribution of Zephaniah …  the vision of the consummation of the redeeming work of God in Christ.

This great consummation does not work as an unstated assumption … it must be spoken!

you can listen to the entire message here.


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