the royal wedding


at 3:35 my alarm went off this morning .. in my pj’s and glasses, along with my mother-in-law, daughter Elizabeth and scones in hand, we hurried off to my friend Karen’s house for the viewing LIVE of the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine!

It’s not that I’m all that committed to English Royalty .. but when I first got to know Karen, and attended an event or two at her house, I vowed that to the best of my ability, I would never miss an event she hosted.  In addition to being a dear friend, she’s a great hostess and knows how to Celebrate!  The Royal Wedding was no exception.  She greeted us with her feathered hair piece and English Breakfast tea, hot and ready to serve from her English Teapot!

It was all quite lovely!

What most struck me about the wedding though, was the amount of scripture used.  For the most part, the invocations, readings, anthems were all taken directly from scripture.  John 3:16 was even quoted.  God promises that His word does not return void … I cannot help but think and hope that the millions who watched, LIVE and around the world, that some heard these words for the first time ever and they will be seeds sown, watered and some day harvested.


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