Isaiah 61-64


Today we look at how God is going to fulfill the vision Isaiah has given to his people.

(this weeks’ lecture notes . . . )

The Sovereign Lord has a vision to redeem the whole world and His people.

Our expectations in our culture are ‘instant’ … for everything.  We approach God the same way.

God says He will do what He says He will do, when He’s ready.

Isaiah is teaching God’s people to wait.

-we are not there yet!

-but look at how God helped those in exile and how He will help us today!

The strategy that Isaiah gives God’s people is to wait in Faith and Hope.

Isaiah 61:1

Jesus, appointed by the Holy Spirit, will preach the good news and carry out God’s plan.

The servant of the Lord, Jesus, would redeem God’s people.

Only God could restore what sin had ruined in their lives.

-God’s grace and extravagant love should make you rejoice.

Principle:   those who experience God’s transforming grace, delight in God.

-when we ‘get it’, we are delighted.

-are your days filled with praise?

-are you feeling guilty about the past?

-are you dreading and fearful of what’s ahead?

Grace:  underserving

-God justifies and reconciles us to God

-by faith we believe, we’re saved on the basis of God’s unmerited favor

-when we experience God’s grace, we praise Him.

In your circumstances, have you praised God for His undeserved favor towards you?

-fill your mind with God’s words, the gospel.

Extravagant favor

-focus on the good news of Jesus

-if you do, you will enliven HOPE, no matter what you endure as you wait.

Isaiah 62:  the strategy here is prayer.

PRAYER:  asking  God to accomplish His divine plan.

-HOW we wait, as God’s people for his promises … we should be vigilant, depending on God.

-when we stop praying, we lose that living connection to God.

PRINCIPLE:  Only God offers grace to change you into who He has always wanted you to be.

-surrendering to Christ

-entrusting our character to God to be refined.

-God has plans for us – prayer keeps us connected to these promises.

Intercession glorifies God because it admits dependence on God.

-we are all in hard places

-every believer struggles with sin

-God hears the cries of His people

Only God can change, help and renew His people.

Isaiah says, ‘it’s hard to wait, but you can depend on God and trust Him!’

HOPE . . . always in God!


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  1. Laila, thanks for sharing your thoughts, prayers and the work He is doing in your life. Humility, grace, mercy and joy. May these be ours as we journey onward. “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Col 2:6 Keep writing, friend. Tammy

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