discipleship and parenting


Our sermon series at church continues in Matthew … this Sunday we looked at what it means to follow Jesus by looking at His calling of the disciples to follow Him.

Our church doesn’t do holiday messages  … so there was not an overarching  ‘mother’s day’ theme.  I appreciate that.

However, application was made to parenting  with the emphasis that applies to all followers of Christ that, at the end of the day, it’s really just all about our walk with the Lord.

I’ll just share some of my notes … it was a sobering and encouraging message for me.

We were in Matthew 8 and 9.

Jesus goes at the heart of discipleship … our allegiance is to be to Him.

We were challenged to not let our hearts elevate family over Christ, which we can be easily tempted to do.

He talked about how raising kids in a Christian home can easily lead them to not feel so much like sinners … after all, their behavior may appear better than some of their peers who don’t know Christ.  I relate to that.  I feel like at 40, I’ve finally come to understand my sinful heart for what it really is.

As parents (or adults of any kind who influence children in any way), we can model that we know we are sinners and to be open (appropriately) about our sin.

Some application questions:

Is your walk with the Lord fresh?

-what is God teaching you right now?

-are you excited about it?

-do others see the fresh wind and fire in your life?

Raising kids isn’t about the kids, it’s about our walk with the Lord.

I am sinful and I need the gospel … daily.

My kids will catch way more about the way I live than about what I say.

What’s most important is, “Am I walking with Jesus?”

-if I am, grace will spill out and others will see it!

Here’s a great link our pastor posted on the topic that gives some great perspective



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