isaiah 65-66


Last BSF lecture of the year.  Those sitting near me this week were likely wondering if someone in my family had died based on the tears dripping from my eyes.  I was just so aware of how sad I was that this was the last BSF lecture.  I even had one of the leaders tell me she will make a point NOT to sit near me during the sharing time for the final week .. who would’ve thought I, of all people, would be tagged ‘too emotional’!

Isaiah and BSF has really meant the the world to me this year.  I can’t begin to share .. I likely will in another post, forthcoming.

Either way, here are the notes from this week:

Isaiah 65

God is saying, “I have reveled myself!”

He wants us to find Him!

They loved the praise from man more than the praise from God.

-God addresses their unbelief.

-Those with the most exposure did it their own way and rejected Christ.

v. 8-10

Encourages our authenticity with God

-God honors our faith, if it’s there.

-God could tell the difference between good fruit and bad fruit.

v. 11

The wicked would know destruction

v. 13 and following talk of the contrast between those who know the Lord and those who oppose Him.

Principle:  to reject God is an infinitely outrageous crime.

She talks about Hell as a ‘Gospel Problem’

-God saves sinners through Christ.

-we either believe it or we don’t

-when we are open to His word and delight in His pleasures, we are open to begin the process of belief.

-when we don’t believe, we are headed towards hell.

We are saved ONE way by the ONE God through grace

-His gift of love for the undeserving

Do we come to the God of Truth?

Are we authentic in our faith?

God takes the initiative to reveal Himself to all who will come.

How does God view you?

-are you believing?

-what reward can you expect?

v. 17-25

Filled with HOPE for God’s people.

God will delight and rejoice in His people.

God Himself will live with His people forever.

Heaven:  eternal souls longing for God, getting what they want.

The HOPE for the believer, is the Gospel.

God is saying, we can enjoy God now.

Principle:  to receive God is to inherit and infinitely glorious future.

How do we come to God with what we need?

-He has promised to forgive us and recreate us.

Do we struggle to hope?

-we are temped daily by the enemy to give up hope

-we believe the lie that we can’t change

God says, “no eye has seen, no ear has heard what God has prepared for those who love Him”

What can we do?

Go to Him!

Our teaching leader challenged us to go back through Isaiah and record all the promises…

-Do not be afraid, I am with you

-I long to be gracious to you

-My word will accomplish my purpose

-God will keep in perfect peace who’s mind is stayed on Him

-We are all sheep who have gone astray and the Lord laid on Him the iniquity of us all

Our HOPE is the power of God’s living word.

-His word will cause us to be recreated.

-He will intervene

-His words have the power to transform, to awaken, to encourage

Isaiah 66

We enter into true worship of God

-God will be honored forever

66:1  God transcends

God honors those who are humble and  contrite in spirit

-those who tremble at His word

We respond with great anticipation

-the only way we enter his presence is through the righteousness of Christ.

v. 7-14

When you see the Truth, your heart will rejoice.

Those who reject God are rejecting Heaven.

Those who reject Heaven, cannot end up there.

What do we do?

Turn to God.  What is our response to God’s grace?
Are we willfully rejecting Jesus and the gospel?

We have all gone our own way and turned away from God in unbelief.

We ask God to help us live a life before those who don’t know Him with a pure heart.

-to receive His grace we cannot add or subtract to God’s word.

When we begin to see what our sin really is, we recognize His grace.

To know and love God is to understand that He sent His son to die for our sins.

What could be greater?

May we see to it that we know Jesus!


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  1. I also have been transformed by the study of Isaiah…we were created for worship and sin got in the way. God will restore everything sin has destroyed to return full worship in heaven…I mean can you imagine us in the eternal choir along with the angels! Hard when I see myself today…but through Christ and as Christ is in me…eternity is my home…my true destiny. Prasie to Him!!!

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