Mother’s Day


Among the very few blogs I read, there were so many great posts this week around the topic of Mother’s Day. As someone who’s been a mother now for 10 years, while also having many single women friends and married friends without children, I am sensitive to issues around mother’s day for those who are NOT mothers.

I loved the articles that were shared on this topic this week.

Here are a few links to those and other worthy articles on motherhood:

Our church had a women’s luncheon yesterday, and the woman who was hosting asked for raised hands for various roles: Great grandmothers, mothers, etc. Then she asked all the daughters to raise their hands … I raised mine and immediately, Evangeline, my 5 year old said, (in a rather sassy voice) “YOU’RE not a daughter, you’re a mother!”

I AM a daughter and I am especially thankful this Mother’s day for MY mother!


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