standing girl and skating girl


Let me introduce you to Standing Girl and Skating girl.  If you don’t recognize them, they are polly pockets, sort of.  They are McDonalds happy meal toys, a simplified version of polly pockets.  These were the happy meal toy of the summer of 2006.

These particular girls got their names, Standing Girl and Skating Girl,  from our at the time, one year old, Evangeline, who is now five going on six!  As you look at them closely, you can understand her naming process!

What’s amazing about Standing Girl and Skating Girl is that they have been around now for almost 5 years.  I have a very hard time coming up with many things in our life that we have had for that long.  Amazingly, we just can’t manage to lose them for good.  We moved to chicago in the summer of 2006 and endured many happy meals on our many voyages to and from Minneapolis.  That’s how we got these fine girls.  They disappear often and show up again when you least expect them in the most unlikely of places.

This weekend we did some much needed work in our basement, sorting toys, getting rid of many toys and things we don’t need and we were all (well maybe not Jon quite as much) thrilled to find, once again, Standing Girl and Skating Girl.

Evangeline especially is enjoying playing with them again as if they were the newest, hottest toy on the market!

I’ve become sort of attached to them now, and sentimental about them . . . I’m tempted to save them and put them away and give them to Evangeline when she leaves for college …. just kidding .. kinda, not really 🙂


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  1. So funny! I think I have “swimming guy” from that same collection… he lives in our bathtub and is probably a fine specimen of all sorts of mold!

  2. LOL … Good thing Evangeline doesn’t know about ‘swimming guy’ or she’d be begging me for him right now! They do make great bath toys as they are one solid piece! The adventures continue!

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