it was inevitable


Riding with my new pedals and shoes for a few weeks now, I knew a fall was inevitable . . .

I was initially scared to death to try this … I mean who wants their feet actually attached to their bike … it feels so counter-intuitive!  But, with Jon’s help, my first try was a breeze …  easy and very natural, like riding a bike!  I’ve been on a few long rides now and definitely understand the draw to clipless pedals … more power and speed!

So, coming back from a long ride Saturday morning, just a few blocks from home (where most accidents happen), I would get my first taste of the inevitable!  Coming to the intersection, I needed to commit … either clip out or cross the street.  It was a bit of a blind intersection, so hard to see, especially to the right, until you are right upon it.  I didn’t hear any taffic, so I was confident I could safely jet across . . . until I took my final glance to the right … no way … too many cars.  I would have to stop.  But I’m already upon the intersection, feet tightly locked into my pedal … too late to clip out … too slow to be still moving forward maintaining balance … here it goes … the inevitable fall.  Hopefully just the few passing cars saw my pitiful tip to the left, me and my bike, falling together on the lovely pavement.

Here’s what I have to show for it … bruised knee and bruised pride.

I did jump back on and ride home my final 6 blocks … with a bit of pain on my face … it was inevitable!


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  1. This looks like a Taylathon injury I got on the trikes back then…, hope it heals o.k. My friend Jenny made sure to show me the scratches on her new seat before our ride last week reminding me that even ‘she’ the serious biker falls from time to time.

    • ah taylathon . . . those were serious injuries . . . makes mine look like a little scratch . . . but significant bruise considering I was basically standing still when I fell!

  2. Oh friend, I’m sorry about your fall. That’s just plain scary! Your clips will become increasingly comfortable, really!
    p.s. even with your injury, your legs are beautiful!

    • p.s. Donna, my bike shorts here are the ones I bought with you at an REI garage sale during out Trinity days … makes me miss our happy bike rides through Bannockburn! And let’s not forget about my amazing wipe out at Kettle Morraine … again, only yards from the exit … it’s a gift

  3. OUCH!! So much safer to stick to my RPM/Spinning class at the gym… no traffic! Good for you getting out there. I admire your effort.

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