good mornings


To begin the day with prayer is but a formality unless it go on in prayer, unless for the rest of it we pray in deed what we began in word.  one has said that while prayer is the day’s best beginning it must not be like the handsome title-page of a worthless book.

~P.T. Forsyth

Our pastor challenged us a few weeks ago not to waste our summer, but instead to make some changes in our lives … do something new … develop a new habit that we can carry on beyond the summer.

I had previously been thinking, even before this challenge came out, about using my summer to establish a new pattern of getting up early … not just to exercise, which I was doing here and there, but consistently to spend time in God’s word, even before my morning workout.

So, I’ve been doing it for a little over a week now … it has not always been easy, but it has always been good.  And I do believe that it will not only change my mornings this summer, but my days and my life as well … and for that I am excited!


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  1. Hey Laila! I too am trying to get up early to exercise but have been doing so at cost of quiet time. Thanks for the encouragement-challenge to get this done first. Going to lake swim today and as much as I can squeeze in in next two weeks. :-). Brought mtn bike instead of road bike cause of the rough roads but it will give a better workout. Miss you. D

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