little hands and feet


Little hands and feet is the name of the orphanage we visited today. What a blessing .. in so many ways! This is a small orphanage that takes amazing care of 17 orphans, most of which are currently in the adoption process.

I think what encouraged me most was having the opportunity to hear the stories of the staff.

A young married couple and their 9 month old who have just relocated to Haiti from the US to care for orphans there in multifaceted ways. They have already begun medical clinics, partnering with this orphanage and are working on a retreat center for orphans.

Then there was the dear college student with an amazing testimony of how God literally saved her life by getting her attention through an HIV baby who is alive and well today. You can read her powerful story here.

In addition to American staff are dear Haitian women who love these babies! These kids way preferred their Haitian mamas to any one of us.

I was reminded as I heard their stories of God’s sovereign plan in all our lives. He fulfills His purpose for our good and His glory.

Here are some moments of our day I was able to capture on my phone.



this is our Karis holding their Karis


Our team leader, Emily


Elizabeth working her artistic magic in the boys’ room


this little guy was happiest if we didn’t look at him.. 😉 I wasn’t following his rules by snapping this pic


I definitely took more from this place than I gave.


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  1. So glad to see Elizabeth using her giftedness to serve and bless those children. I am very proud of her and love her very much.

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