HIS home for children


Even though we’re back home in Chicago, I wanted to write about our experience at the orphanage where we spent our last two days. (on a side note, what a privilege it is to type on a computer and not an iphone!)


We were at a wonderful orphanage and creche (which means they also do adoptions) called HIS home for children.  They have babies, special needs children, toddlers, school kids and a transition home for girls ages 13-20.  This place was amazing.  It definitely rounded out our time there and we left this particular place with more answers than questions. You can check out their website for more detailed info on all that they do.





What impressed me most were the director’s answers to many of our questions and how she pointed to God’s sovereignty and goodness in providing for them.  We were in awe at her stories and testimonies of all that has happened there.  When asked, how?  Her answer was that it all started by stepping out in faith.  This was such an encouragement to me and I know to our entire team as we think about orphan care moving forward.  It will look differently for each of us, and even in different seasons of our lives.  But one thing was clear, we will defend the fatherless, and we will step out in faith to do it!



I also wanted to add an update for those who read my earlier posts on this trip and our boy Luke from Tuesday.  We are working with the resources here and through other contacts to see about transferring him from his current location to a safe place that will be able to care for him and meet his needs.  It was a great vision for our team to realize we can continue to defend these dear ones, even though we are back home, especially with the help of our new friends in Haiti, who have devoted their lives to caring for the orphan. While we were at HIS home, we also had the privilege of leading their chapel service.  Here are a few pics!


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